Stele with One Hundred Words

When cultivating Qi, do not just constantly talk about how to keep (i.e. protect) it. When descending the mind (i.e. calm down the mind), it should be doing without doing. If (you) know the origins (i.e. causes) of movement (i.e. Yang) and stillness (i.e. Yin), then there is nothing (i.e. no reason) for (you to) ask anyone else. To face the real reality, (you) must deal with daily affairs. However, when (you) deal with these daily affairs, (you) should not be infatuated by them. If (you are) not infatuated, then (your) temperament can be steady (i.e. self-controlled). When the temperament is steady, the Qi will naturally return (i.e. be preserved). If the Qi can be returned, the elixir (i.e. Baby Embryo) can be conceived, consequently, Kan and Li can coordinate with each other within the kettle (i.e. under control). When there is Yin-Yang (interaction), the repeated cycle will be initiated, this will bring (you) a natural derivation (of new life) like thunder (i.e. enlightened). White clouds are moving upward, and sweet dew is sprinkling Xu Mi (i.e. completeness of human virtue). I will drink the wine of longevity by myself how can others know how free and unfettered I am? (I) sit own to listen to the songs (generated from the instrument) without strings, I comprehend clearly the pivotal function of natural creation. In total, these are twelve sentences which offer (you) the ladder to ascend to Heaven (i.e. enlightenment).

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