The Song of the Great Tao

The Great Tao (Da Dao) is not far (away) but inside the body. Ten thousand objects are empty, but the human temperament is not empty. If the human temperament cannot be empty and stay together with the Qi harmoniously, (how can) Qi return to its original ocean (i.e. Real Lower Dan Tian) and (expect) unlimited longevity. If (you) wish to keep the spirit in the body (then) do not leave (even) an object in Lingtai (i.e. spiritual platform). (If) any object (i.e. thought) stays in the heart (i.e. mind,), the spirit will not be clear. (This) will waste the real essence and damage the tendons and bones (i.e. physical body). The spirit directs the Qi and from Qi the shape remains (i.e. healthy). (In this case, you) will live for a long time without needing herbs. The techniques are easy; however, the secrets are hard to meet (i.e. obtain). (The correct ways) have always been changed (into wrong ones) and separated from the expert path. Therefore, even though a thousand people or ten thousand people have learned (about this), after all, there is not even one who has accomplished (i.e. few have succeeded). (Whenever) the spirit has exited (from the physical body), immediately bring it back. When the spirit has returned to the physical body, the Qi will also return automatically. As such, practice every morning and evening, the Spiritual Embryo will be conceived and born naturally.

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